A new hobby.

Yesterday I learned how to make friendship bracelets and I have my first one here to show you.


That’s right – it’s a rainbow one! However did you guess? (: I didn’t think that it was too bad for a first attempt (if I may say so myself).

 This however obviously doesn’t mean that I have stopped crocheting, oh no. I have been hard at work on a new baby blanket. Two to be precise. This one here is a Rainbow one (oh no, not again) made up of 3-round granny squares which I am joining as I go with a 5mm hook and I aim to edge it with white afterwards with Attic24’s Granny Blanket Edging. I will update you with another photograph of the finished product soon.


The other blanket isn’t very exciting at the moment as I have only just started the second row but i will post pics soon when I have got further along in the making of.

Now, here comes todays rant. I am absolutely disgusted with the staff that The Range employ. I was there today having my weekly browse when I asked a member of staff about whether they sold clock works to fit inside an old broken clock of mine and what did she say, this hopeless zombie of a woman? She said no as soon as I said the word clock. She hadn’t even heard what I was even asking her at that point! Anyway, I just about managed to get over her rudeness and me and the other half went over to the homewares section in search of a cheap clock that we could take the works out of to fit inside our clock. When we couldn’t find any clocks in this section, we asked another member of staff where we might find their range of clocks, to which he replied “Somewhere over there” in a very nonchalant and apathetical manner, and pointed vaguely toward the back of the store. I then became quite gobsmaked with the total and complete lack of manners and customer service that these two members of staff provided me with. Thus when I came back home, incidentally, empty handed, I jumped straight to sending them an Email informing them of my dissatisfaction with their customer service and am currently awaing a reply.

*Sigh* Glad that rant is over now. But really, the way people are nowadays really angers me. A little respect and manners go a long way. It’s a good job that I have crochet and chocolate to calm me down now isn’t it.

Shark x


Good luck… and rainbow VOMIT!

Today has been a good day, for something bright and rainbow-y has yet again found its way into my path.


A rainbow-heart-beaded friendship bracelet! Don’t you just feel the happiness OOZING out of it?! It has made me very happy indeed. 20p from a charity shop. 20p! Best 20 pence that I have ever spent in my entire life! Please excuse me for my excitement at such a simple object, I must be quite easily pleased. But, as a wiseman once said, the best things in life are free (or very cheap, like somewhere in the region of 20p).

I was in town today you see looking round all of the charity shops for things that I can clutter the house with, as I do, and I thought that I should try out my new hat that I made only yesterday and my gloves too. Because, you see, sadly, it looks like autumn is well on the way now and it is getting quite chilly indeed. But thats no matter when you have things to keep you nice and warm! I felt all cosy wrapped upand thought that they looked quite nice too, if I might say so myself. Here is mister Red Bear modelling the beret:


And here are the gloves, which I made from this pattern on the My Favourite Things Blog.


I am now going to excitedly look at my new bracelet whilst I finish my Rainbow Granny Square baby blanket. It only needs one more round of Violet now and then it will be complete!


And you’ve even got a little bit of footage of my footage in there too! (I hope that you get that, because I thought that it was quite witty)

Please excuse the terrible quality of the photos. I have the oldest phone… in the world, and it only takes VGA which is like, less than a megapixel. 

Will have to get a memory card for my better camera at some point so that you can see my crochet wonderstuff in all of its fabulousness! Happy times till next time. Shark. X

Rainbow stuff

I love to crochet, and I have started to make some rainbow-y things. Here I have made 3 rainbow granny squares of different types for you to see here. Image


And above are the other two squares along with my name that I crocheted to go on the wall next to the boyfriends name but I still haven’t got round to doing his yet. For the letters I used the Moogly Crochet Alphabet, which you can find here.


More crochet goodness coming soon! x x x

In the beginning…

Howdy! I’m Shark and this is my blog of my colourful life. I hope to make this blog as interesting as I can and fill it with glorious events such as making cookies and spotting rainbows. I aim to write often about my sweet little life and all of it’s endeavours and hopefully bring a smile to someones face with my own happiness.