Things that make me happy.

Yesterday I took a stroll around Bewdley, town home to my most favourite sweet shop Teddy Gray’s. It indeed took me back to my childhood, peering at all of the tall wooden shelves stacked with jar after jar of delicious delights. I decided that this was a day for super indulgementation (did I just make up a word?), and so I invested in one of my favourite childhood confections: The Candy Necklace.


Sadly, now I am fully grown, it would no longer fit me as a necklace, but instead charmingly adorned my wrist as a fully edible sweetie decoration. During my visit to this legendary confectioner’s, I also purchased some delightful Fairy Satins, also a famed sweet from my youth.


However, these beauties are solely for the decoration of my Little Bro’s Birthday Cake, along with the Blue Bonbons that I bought today.


Mmmmmmmm. Now you’re talking.

Now, a while back I said that I was making a rainbow granny square baby blankey. Well now I have the finished item to show you. Are you ready, because this will blow your mind…


Is that not just abso-freaking-lutely awesome?! I love it love it love it. I did say that I was going to use the Attic24 Granny blanket edging on it, but in the end I thought that the Half double/Half treble crochet edging would look nicer.

Speaking of baby blankets, I have been making another one because I found this white yarn with sparkly bits in it in Poundland and thought that it would make the perfect baby blanket after I saw something similar on another blog. I made it in the Granny Stripe style and I have to say that I think that it looks marvellous. πŸ™‚


And closer up (because you can’t see the wonderful sparkly bits).


Ooh it make me feel so happy! πŸ˜€

Along with the knitting now. I wanted to make a tea cosy as we have now recently been using a tea pot and proper loose tea leaves to make our tea now since buying those beautiful sets of cups and saucers. So I decided upon Knitting a Tea Cosy. Now you see, all of the patterns on ravelry are either too big or small for my pot, too complicated or too boring. This called for an emergency. I have chosen to… make it up as I go. DUN DUN DURR. This inevitably means disaster for me, as whenever I decide to try and do something myself instead of following a pattern, it always ends up looking like an old cabbage. So I am putting my knitting skills to the test here and so far, I have this:


It’s going to be bright green (obviously) with brightly coloured flowers on it. I’m going to use all of the flower patterns off the Attic24 blog. It’s gonna be ace tho! πŸ™‚

And now another baby blankey that I told you about a while ago.


It’s a wavy blankey! Altho I haven’t got much done on it cuz I’m a bit of a one for procrastinating you see.

I also maded myself a Rainbow On A String so that I could hang it up in my window all colourful like. Obviously I plan to make honks of them over time and hang them everywhere!


Oh it’s just divine! πŸ˜€

And so we come to the end of the post. I shall leave you this time with a picture of all of my wool laid out all nice and rainbow-y.


Ooh lovely methinks! πŸ™‚

More updates soon.

SharkΒ  x


Long time no post…

Gosh!Well hasn’t it just been the longest time?! I have just been so busy y’all. Oh where to start, where to start? Well. Lots has been going on, let me tell you. I have been crocheting more and more (obviously) and have told myself that the time has come now where I have to start aquiring new skills. First skill (and incidentally last skill at the moment) is KNITTING! It took a long time of trying and failing, dropped stitches, ripped up work and broken needles before I got this:



I knitted a square on the diagonal! But let me tell you there were a few ‘accidentally thrown at the wall’ knitting sticks before that point. and yes, I did just say ‘knitting sticks’ and what of it. That photograph was actually taken in the car on the way to the one and only Weston-Super-Mare! (Woo!) It had been so long since I had been to the seaside and I got Martin to tek me! A total High-5 for my persuasion tactics there indeed. We were proper fattys I can tell you! We had ice cream, a big fry-up, doughnuts, chocolate and fudge. Not too good for a wench on a diet! Altho despite the heavy eating I still lost 2lb that week, which I was quite chuffed about.

I diagress. The knitting you see had a purpose. The purpose was… a hat! For years now I have wanted one of those double-pointed beanies. Y’know, the cat ear hats? Well I always insisted to myself that when I made one, it must be knitted, and nothing but knitted. So, after persevering for a few days with the knitting, I maded this:


Woo and woot and woot again! A knitted hat that I can proudly wear upon my noggin. When I finished knitting it I thought to myself that it looked rather plain even though the wool I used was truly beautiful (you can’t see from the photo, but it was darkish-blue with strands of deep red in it, and was made with 55% wool – very posh for me, the all-acrylic girl!) so I embellished it with a crocheted flower that I made many moons ago. The result – a very satisfied Melody in a hat.

Now back to the old friend – crochet. Oh how I missed it after all of that oh-so-fiddly knitting malarkey! Straight on to the long awaited project of… SOCKS! I had wanted to make myself some socks for EVER and so with the help of a customisable socks pattern for my insanely enourmous feet (I’m a size 10), I craftily crafted some socky-wocks. Would you like to see them? Please take a peek at the wonderous-ness that is my beautiful pair of handmade socks!


Oh they have made my feet so snuggly! Especially since all of this cold weather that has suddenly come on. Made just in the nick of time I think. And here is the pattern if you want ao make some Custom-Fitting sock for yourself or a friend.

Now, I don’t believe that I have ever got aound to telling you about The Big Project. What is The Big Project you ask? Well I just happen to be a mahoosive fan of Attic24. There is so much amazing-ness oozing from every post that Mrs. Lucy Attic24 makes. I obsess over it and read it every day. She brightens up my little world she does. πŸ™‚ Thank you Lucy. Anyways, back to reality. I stumbled one day upon a crochet pattern on there. One that I knew had to be used right here right now. And so, The Big Projct was born: A king-sized-bed-sized Ripple Blanket! I have never embarked upon such a long crochet journet before, but felt like maybe that this was the time to start. So first comes the 276 chains loooooooong foundation chain, and the of course the Fiddly First Row. But from then on it’s just a piece of cake. I was whizzing along like a crochet nutter doing row after row of superbly bright ripples. But as with large projects, you can’t be super-enthusiastic forever, hence why there isn’t a whole lot done on it but I do attempt a few stripes every now and then, but they do take an hour each, the stripes. So I will show you my progress so far, altho this photo is actually a couple weeks old now so there is about 5 more stripes on it now!


Is that not just abso-vulcan-lutely gorgeous?! Again, I will add that the colours are ALOT brighter and more vivid in Real Life, but still, it is beautiful. And just for you, a link to her fabulously fab Neat Ripple Pattern.

And now last but not least. Pure bargainous beauty. A set of 3 from a charity shop for only Β£1.50. Marvellously bargainous. Are you ready for this?


I abosolutely adore with double adoration The Willow Pattern. These little beautys made my day. My week. Hell, they made my life! πŸ™‚ And so I shall leave you with that little jolly feeling that is a Willow Pattern cup and saucer set, and bid you adeiu until next time, where I shall yet again share my joy with you all.

Thanks for reading.

Shark x.